EXT3 Abdominal

The EXT3 Abdominal is one of the most effective abdominal machines ever created.  No other machine provides a perfect isolation of the ab muscles.  The EXT3 prevents cheating with the arms or hip flexors and eliminates shoulder and neck strain, guaranteeing better results, faster.


SCIFIT’s PRO1 combines cardio and strength to provide the ultimate in upper body exercise.  It is a versatile upper body exerciser that can be used seated or standing, with an adjustable head, cranks, and seat to accommodate all heights and ranges of motion.

NuStep T4r

Developed by a team of exercise physiologists and ergonomic specialists, the T4r recumbent cross trainer simulates a natural walking motion while eliminating undesirable joint stress. The T4r provides safe, full-body exercise for virtually all ability levels, inspiring independence among users and therapists.